You’re sipping a cup of expresso, tapping to the beat of soft jazz music, and surrounded by the overwhelming wonderful aroma of roasted coffee beans.

For a moment, you think you’re sitting in a vintage cafe in the middle of Europe, when you suddenly realize that no, you’re actually in metropolis Chicago.

That’s the magic of the Julius Meinl experience.


There are cafes strictly to just get work done, there are cafes where you go for lazy afternoons, and then there’s Julius Meinl, the café that has the best of both worlds.

Filled with comfy cushioned chairs, rustic marble tables, and classic photography, Meinl is the exact replica of an authentic European coffeehouse with a modern touch.


Since its expansion into the Windy City, Julius Meinl has been a hot topic for coffee lovers in Chicago. This popular caffeine franchise is rich in history, serving as Europe’s leading coffee company for over 150 years.

It all started in1860’s Vienna, when a young country boy decided to start selling homemade roasted coffee beans. After carefully roasting each bean on his kitchen stove at home for years, that young boy slowly brewed his coffee into a five generation family business, known today as Julius Mienl.


After conquering the coffee capital of the world, Meinl made its way from Vienna into North America, opening its only US  location in Chicago (so yes Chicagoans, consider yourselves lucky!)

After venturing into this caeffine haven, I was delighted to find that Meinl was all that a café should be: a homey comfortable space with undeniably amazing coffee.



Meinl Latte MocchiatoAmazing it was, indeed. Presenting the Meinl Latte Mocchiato, 3 layers of coffee heaven consisting of expresso, steamed milk, and foam. Served at lukewarm temperature, the three layers combined together results in a deliciously bittersweet flavor.


The Pikant Mocha isn’t your ordinary Mocha. This creamy thick mixture of expresso, cocoa, steamed milk, and whipped cream is fired up with cinnamon and cayenne pepper for those of you craving a sweet and spicy kick to your coffee.

Hungry? Meinl certainly isn’t only known for their coffee. Being a retailer of gourmet food as well, their selection of sweet and savory dishes also takes up a hefty portion of their large menu.



After hearing countless raves about how delicious Meinl’s Kasekrainer Spatzle was, it was time to see what all the hype was about. The Spatzle noodles came topped with kale, caramelized onions, lightly smoked sausage, and drizzled with Emmentaler cheese. Lightly sweet and immensely creamy, this delicious pasta definitely lived up to its popularity.



Meinl doesn’t just love coffee, they also have a passion for crepes. Coming in a variety of both sweet and savory flavors, Meinl’s crepe selection is another must try. The brie and ham crepe ended up catching my eye, a soft crepe stuffed with St. Andre brie cheese, black forest ham, mornay sauce, fontina, and mixed greens.




Simply put, Meinl believes in three words: aroma, passion, and quality.

They not only fill every cup with the taste of coffee beans, but with the bittersweet taste of tradition, dedication, and history, strongly believing that a cup of coffee should be experienced and enjoyed, and that a café is the oasis to do so.

So come experience Mienl, take a sip of expresso, and enjoy the European way of life.


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