Screaming for ice cream? Perfect, let me introduce you to Jeni.

The Queen of frozen sweets, Jeni Britton Bauer grew up as a girl who loved to collect oils, explore bakeries, and blend perfumes. Today, she’s no longer just blending perfumes, but blending ideas to create unimaginable ice-cream flavors that will literally make you scream, screaming for joy of course.

Ever since opening in 2002, “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream”, has moved its success from Ohio to Chicago, spreading the ice cream love. Although a tiny little place, don’t judge this ice cream parlor by its size. This popular spot is packed with a dozen wild flavors of ice cream, sorbets, and frozen yogurt.



A scoop of goat cheese with cherries anyone? Yup, I wasn’t kidding when I said wild.

Smack dab behind the counter, is a huge long list of Jeni’s wonderfully surprising flavors.


You name it, and most likely, Jeni has turned it into ice cream, with some flavors that haven’t even crossed your mind. And of course, a round of applause to free samples!

It’s difficult to choose when a dozen flavors are fighting for your attention. With a friendly staff offering you generous samples, you’ll get a little taste of everything.





Goat Cheese with Cherries


I admit, I have a soft spot for goat cheese, so it was no surprise this ice cream made my favorites list. But seriously, even if goat cheese isn’t your thing, a taste of this might just change your mind. Being one of Jeni’s most popular flavors, this funky ice cream’s a little tart, a bit sour, and literally tastes like a slice of tremendously creamy cheesecake.



Oh whiskey ice cream, it’s the joy of being tipsy and sober at the same time. A shot of vanilla, a tad bit sour, and a whole lot of fun.


Yazoo Sue with Rosemary

Of course Jeni wouldn’t just stop at whiskey. If whiskey could do wonders with ice cream, surely, beer wouldn’t be much of a disappointment neither. A combination of Yazoo Sue, light coffee, and Rosemary nuts, this ice cream is the savory taste of Happy Hour at your local bar.


Wildberry Lavender


Another one that made me smile, this Wildberry Lavender is the pure taste of Lavender tea, simple and naturally sweet.


Cantaloupe and Sun Tea


Freshly cut cantaloupe mixed with the subtle taste of tea makes for a deliciously fruity and refreshing sorbet.


Bangkok Peanuts


I love Pad Thai, just never thought that I’d be having it as a dessert. A combination of peanut ice cream mixed with cayenne peppers, this spicy and salty ice cream is a truly unique replica of Thai cuisine.


Other menu highlights is the sour Pineapple Upside Down Cake, the fruity Branbleberry Crisp, and the Riesling Peach Sorbet that tastes incredibly like a bubbly dessert wine.

The list is literally endless, with some limited edition flavors only offered in pints. Using grass-grazed milk, American bean chocolate, and fresh ingredients from around the world, Jeni makes sure all her creations are top notch.


In review of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Food and Wine Magazine stated, “No one else makes ice cream like Jeni Britton Bauer.”

After tasting countless spoonfuls, Jeni, I have to agree, your ice cream is indeed splendid and nothing less.




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